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Web Design, Development

Nowadays you can’t do without a good website and the options are endless. It might be hard to make the right choices. Uisce designs and builds WordPress sites that fit your brand like a glove.

We also make webapplications by means of PHP, Javascript, MySQL and do a lot, lot more, like take care of your domain registration and hosting. We really are a one stop shop.


& More…

Without good content your website isn’t much use. That’s why content creation and management is one of Uisce’s core activities.

Uisce also knows all about setting up companies properly. From dreaming it up to doing it, we know the way and the pitfalls and make sure all runs smoothly. Want to make a flying start with your initiative? We take care of it.

Let it flow…

Uisce Web Development, Design & More: anything you need to get your business in the flow

That’s our motto: let it flow. Uisce (pronounce: eesh-kah) is Irish for water, not only an essential part of life, but also an extremely clever substance. It always looks for the optimal way to flow. And that is exactly what Uisce professionals do. They find out what your business needs and act on that.

Some people get a bad vibe of the word commerce, which is totally necessary. When a company has a good product or service, that brings honest value to her customers and markets that in an integer manner, everybody benefits. This requires a strong online presence and that is what we stand for. We do what we do, because we believe in the power of doing honest business. That is how we help getting attention for the right products and services and thus we make the world – and the Netherlands and Ireland specifically – a bit more beautiful.

Our key values are fairness and wholeheartedness. Our way of working is honest, creative and authentic. We serve companies who share those values. Whose corporate identity is about more than just turnover and profit. Who stands for their product or service and makes sure the client notices that. If your company doesn’t share those values, no hard feelings, but in that case a different partner is probably a good idea. Does our philosophy speak to you? Great! By all means get in touch to discuss the options, no strings attached.

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Web Development

With the arrival of the internet the potential market has grown radically for many companies and, as a result, has created a wealth of opportunities. At the same it means that every company has to deal with more competitors and that it isn’t enough to just be in a certain location anymore. Being successful as business nowadays is all about customer experience and loyalty. Having a strong online presence is a key factor for any company who wants to optimise customer experience and loyalty. And that starts with a highly functional and appealing website.

Uisce designs php-based websites and specialises in WordPress sites. WordPress offers a wealth of functionality and design options. That way we can create anything from simple online business cards to top of the range membersites with online courses, webshops or other more advanced options. We also offer additional services to our clients so they won’t miss any online opportunities.

We offer…

We offer a variety of services, depending on your needs:

designing your website
building your website
building custom plugins and widgets
creating custom interactive webapplications by means of current techniques, like PHP, MySQL, Javascript, etcetera
registering and hosting your domain

And more…

So now you have a beautiful website, absolutely great. However, without good content it is no use. In order to be found on the web, you need to make sure your content stands out when it comes to its message, layout and SEO. We write catchy content that fits your audience.

Of course, a company is more than just a website with good content. Before that website can even exist, there has been a whole developing process. That starts with some important questions: what do I want to do, for whom do I want to do it and – maybe the most important questiont – WHY do I want to do it. Your key values will emerge from these existential questions. That is only the beginning… From your key values your business model will evolve and you will have to think about how you want to brand yourself. After all, you do want you prospective customer to learn about who you really are and what you stand for and that is exactly what a good brand does. We at Uisce have helped many companies during this process. We are integer, wholehearted entrepreneurs, who love to support you on your journey.

We offer…

Our client determines the extent of our role in anything we offer. It may vary from a coaching role to completely taking care of (part of) the process. If required, we will help from the first idea to the actual realisation of the company and her online presence. Below, you will find some options to give an idea of the possibilities:

writing content, articles and blogs
SEO editing of new and existing content
mentor you in creating your business from your dream
helping you determine your key values
creating a brand and online identity

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What our relations say about us

“Uisce is a great company to work with. Their heart is in their work and they have a discerning eye. What I find particularly pleasant is the fact that they’ll also let me know when matters, that aren’t part of the assignment, can be handled better. ”

Marten Moolenaar
CEO @ Zodan

“I’m great in coming up with ideas and products, but I don’t like the internet side of business very much or at all. Uisce could arrange it all for me. My website and branding processes were set up amazingly fast and now I can focus on what I’m good at. ”

Leen van der Pols
CEO @ Green Relief

“My company was growing at lightning speed and I was just in over my head. One phonecall and Daan helped me out right away. He had all the right tools and knew exactly how to put the horse in front of the cart instead of the other way around.  Super!”

Ferry Muhlenbruch
CEO @ Ferrynice







The Uisce founders

Meet our founders here. Each with their own specialties, they ensure an optimal result. Do you want to know more about them? Via the Linkedin button below their profile you can connect with them.

Daan Verbaan

Tower of strength

Daan grew up in a retail family and studied European Marketing & Management Communication at Fontys University in Tilburg, the Netherlands. He has been into sales and marketing for more than 20 years, running his own companies since 2002. Always up for a challenge, he went back to school to learn web development, a role that challenges him to keep developing and that’s how he likes it.

He is an allrounder with a strongly analytical brain and the exceptional ability to keep the overview at all times, as if he were a bird. When he isn’t at work or at home with his family, he’s a bit of a noisy fellow, since he likes to play all things percussion. He literally works hard and plays hard.

Emma Storris

Creative centipede

Emma hails from an entrepreneurial tribe on both sides of the family. You can safely say she was brought up on it. She joined the family business at an early age and later set up several successful companies of her own. She is also very creative and just LOVES to find the right words. She studied Language and Literature, Art and Web Design and those are only some of her studies.

Emma will not be pigeon-holed. Trust us, we’ve tried, it didn’t work… at all. She is a gifted writer and designer and a serial entrepreneur. Why not do the one thing and not omit the other and thus combine the best of all worlds, is her motto.

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