Get what you want by choosing the right colours for your website.

Choosing the right colours for your website is of great importance. The psychological effect of a colour determines whether a visitor’s values and needs match those of your business. A colour can, for example, express that you’re  a trustworthy and stabile business partner or that you’re concerned about the environment.  As such, each colour is…
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22 October 2019 0

Autumn Offer – Web Starter Pack from: € 799,– (ex VAT)

Is your business not on the internet? Is your website outdated? Or would you just like to have it overhauled completely? This autum, Uisce makes you a basic website offer you can’t resist! You can temporarily get our web starter pack offer from the really good price of only € 799,–, including a .eu or…
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16 October 2019 0

6 SEO tips to make sure your content is found by Google and other search engines

The internet has made the world a lot smaller. Unfortunately, the web has also become more and more densely populated with competitors, who all want to draw attention to their content. The rise of search engines – the best known of which is Google – has therefore been a logical development. Those search engines are…
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30 May 2019 0

Red Ocean versus Blue Ocean: why differentiation is essential for a successful business model

Blue Ocean Strategy and Red Ocean Strategy are terms that have been coined by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, two professors at the prestigious INSEAD. They describe two different ways to approach a market. Blue Ocean is the ideal way to do business. After all, a blue ocean is the colour it should be.…
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23 May 2019 0

Holland vs the Netherlands… a mistake not to make when doing business there

One of the most commonly made mistakes by people visiting our little but mighty country, is that they tend to call it Holland. That’s fine when you are actually IN Holland, but when outside Holland it can be quite insulting to the Dutch people your dealing. To illustrate how this actually works, let us give…
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26 October 2018 0