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Some projects

Tuka Tuka

African Percussion, Music & Dance Hub

Come and join the community

Tuka Tuka African Percussion, Music & Dance hub aims to globalise all African percussion, music and dance aficionados. They really are community builders. We like that. Let's beat that drum!

Peja Africa

Equipment supply and technical integration

Making a difference

For over 30 years, Peja is the partner for the highest standards of equipment supply and technical integration in Africa. Healthcare, Aviation, Maritime, Environmental - versatile, just like us.

Nick Oosterhuis

musician, songwriter and producer

Excellence @ work

Nick Oosterhuis is a Dutch musician, songwriter and producer. He has been working with some of the greatest international artists. We loved creating something of equally professional value for him.


The men who build your applications

Authentic and passionate

Craftsmen develop custom solutions for organizations that want to have their ideas translated into business value quickly. We can relate to that ;)


Individual coaching in personal & career development

“A process with impact”

Carrièrepartners provide a fresh look and sharpened insights. So that you can continue your work with new energy. An energy that we converted into a fresh and converting website.


Original handcrafted stools for midwives

Original handcrafted stools for midwives

Vroedevrouw (midwife) Yvon offers Baarkrukken to midwives around the globe, making it possible for gravity to lend a hand during childbirth.